Favourite Hockey Team!

What’s your favourite hockey team/who do you think will win the cup? i’ll start.
My favourite team is Pittsburgh and I think Nashville will win the cup.

I live in NY so i like the rangers, there gonna win the stanley cup. if you havent checked, nashville is out of the competition because they lost there series like 2 days ago. ;D

Wow. I feel so embarrassed. Btw rangers had a sick game a couple days ago. I gotta say I’m cheering for the Kings now.

If Rangers don’t win which i dought i’m routing for the devils

I go kings,rangers,devils, and than coyotes.

I’m a big time Canucks fan! Being as they’re out this year, I’ll have to go with Shane Doan (an original Winnipeg Jet) and the Phoenix Coyotes all the way for this year’s cup. After all, I grew up in Winnipeg!

man. You would get along with my sister. She loves Caanucks.

Well, the Canucks did win the President’s Cup 2 years in a row. But this is a bizarre season where any team could win. Kinda reminds me of this years F1 season!

Red Wings. No real playoff run, but the home win streak this year was fun.

The San Jose Sharks.

My uncle used to be their score keeper.

Definitely a Canucks fan all the way. I think la has the ability to win it this year. They have been underperforming all season long and are peaking at the right time.

It seems like there is a lot of Canuck fans.

Yeah, I guess two is a bunch alright. :wink:

That’s 200% more than Leaf’s fans LOL!

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From the Boston area. So -> I am a Bruin’s fan. We’ll gett’em next year for the Stanley.

Wish the canes were in it…

nj devils

Moorehead Spuds


The Leafs have fans???

There was a pub here in Victoria that was offering free beer for all of the Maple Leaf playoff games!