NHL Playoffs Anyone?

Yeah, probably not here.

Go Bolts! 5 OTs was crazy.

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Hurricanes all day for me. I was there when they raised the cup in 06. It’s great to be able to watch playoff hockey and gotta say I’m impressed w how the nhl has done the bubbles!



I have been a Caps fan since clear back in the early 90’s and look who I run into… a Lightning and a Canes fan.

Can you say Southeast division? :sweat_smile:


4 Stanley Cups on this page right here. Pretty cool.

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Go habs

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I loved seeing the Habs take out Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately now the Pens have a shot at the #1 pick this year.

No rangers got it. I was rooting for Habs to lose so they could get Laffy. But it’s too late now.

I am a big Sharks fan so I am not overly invested with these playoffs :disappointed_relieved:

Another Caps fan, rough start today but 2018!!!

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I’m a leafs fan born and raised. It was dissapointing to say the least! However, I am an even bigger fan of Fleury on the Knights so it’s been really excited cheering for them!

No surprise that Caps blew it. They are good at that. Holtby was sloppy and it didn’t help the Caps gave up 3 shorthanded opportunities. Lame.

Thank goodness for 2018.

That Blue Jackets / Leafs series was crazy.

I hate the Knights. Caps old GM who was notorious for terrible trades / head coaching led to the Capitals being cellar dwellers for years. He then goes to Vegas, gets to cherry pick other teams players, put together an instantly successful team and look like a genius in the process. And, all while doing so for a fanbase whose majority most likely had no idea what icing even was. I see people wearing Knights gear and it makes me want to puke.

Any self-respecting hockey fan should despise Las Vegas.

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I don’t think that’s an accurate representation. If you followed the process, he actually had pretty slim pickings in most cases and had to do significant wheeling and dealing to get a decent roster due to teams being able to protect most of if not all their good players. And he had 4 or 5 players have career years that season that they will likely not replicate again.

The roster was much better than any other expansion team but it was far from seen as an instant playoff contender.

When I said “cherry pick” I meant that there were a lot of good players available because their teams were not able to protect them. And if a team wanted to try to keep an unprotected player what did they have to do? Give up additional furure draft picks AND still lose a player in the process.

As for them being seen as an instant playoff contender, of course no one expected it. But, it happened and they are now a perineal powerhouse. Show me one other expansion team in the last 30 years that advanced so quickly. Hell, look at teams that get lucky enough to draft instant HOF players like Ovi, Crosby, McDavid, etc… it still takes them time build playoff teams.

Vegas did it over night because of the way the NHL set up the new expansion draft. They knew the old way didn’t work and wanted the new teams to be insantly competitive.

I am obviously biased because of my dislike for George McPhee but you can’t deny Vegas’ road to success has been made much easier than it had been for past expansion teams.

Hearing people talk about how good Vegas is, is like listening to some 20 something year old brag about being a Yankees fan and how many championships they have. :face_vomiting:


They were set up for at least some degree of success for sure. They paid a looooot of money for the franchise fee, and the nhl was definitely not going to give them a bad team at that price. Seattle just paid more, 650 million to las Vegas’ 500 million, so they’ll be getting a solid team too.

And in addition to that, Bettman and nhl ownership want new teams to succeed financially because of revenue sharing, and teams in non traditional markets tend to do poorly financially if the team doesn’t succeed on ice

That being said I totally get holding grudges against coaches, GMs, owners etc…
I personally can’t stand Peter Chiarelli for sheer ineptitude and Michel Therrien for wasting some of the best years of certain players on a Montreal team that could have been incredible with better coaching.


I can see your point. But they put on a good game. At the end of the day, and as much as I can appreciate the sport (I’m a tendy and before Covid played atleast 1 game every day/night) but when I watch it, I want to enjoy what I’m watching. The team they have is entertaining to watch, win or lose. I can imagine the stadium being a wild time with all of the extra touches they give to their fans. Who cares if they don’t know what icing is? If you’re having fun watching the sport, welcome to the community! I have never liked watching the habs, but price is putting on a clinic and I am definitely in their corner at the moment. With not having access to live hockey, I think I just appreciate the whole industry a little bit more now. With the curtains pulled back, I’m just enjoying what we get and it’s been fun watching the ploffs now.

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Oooh, hating Vegas, I can get in board with this.

Let me just drop a random video in here:


That was the best power play ever. I’ll never forget that.

I can see and respect your points. However, my dislike for Vegas has already been sown. I am glad the Caps won the Stanley Cup against Vegas.

Had they not, I might have been forced to do something rash like go flip off the stadium in person, miss the garbage can on purpose when throwing trash away or even just pee on it. That’s how deep my disdain for VGK is. It’s pretty severe.

The funny thing is I am totally digging what Seattle has going. I can’t wait to see how the Kraken turn out. That name is just badass! There is a lot of potential for entertainment there.

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