Favorite Sports?

College Football and Basketball: Washington
Baseball: A’s
Hockey: Sharks
NFL: 49ers
Soccer: Chelsea, Earthquakes, US National Team
NBA: Warriors

Forever: Olympic Wrestling, as in, the real stuff, Grecco Roman and Freestyle, not WWE tard sauce. And Pool (Billiards.)

For trolling buds : Basketball and Pool (Billiards)

So…Pool really. \m/(•=• )

My favorite sport is yoyoing…

Oh I forgot to add: ROLL TIDE!!!

Hockey: Sens and Blackhawks
Basketball: Spurs
Football: Packers

Baseball - Cardinals
Soccer - Manchester City and Crystal Palace (Palace have been hard to follow in recent years, but they’re back in the Premier League next season)
Tennis - Roger Federer, Michael Chang
NBA - don’t really have a team. When I was a kid, I followed the Kemp/Payton-era Sonics. Since LeBron’s been in the league I’ve mostly followed him, so I guess the Heat would be my favourite team right now.
Hockey - Blues
College athletics - Mizzou
NFL - Chiefs

Football. 49ers.
Swimming. Uhhh, I guess the us team? :stuck_out_tongue:

Baseball: DETROIT TIGERS BEACHESSSS (I am referring to the east and west coasts, not some sort of female dog)

Hockey: RED WINGS BEACHESSSS (Again, east and west coasts)

Soccer: lol

Football: only really watch college football, so U OF M WOLVERINES BEACHESSSS


I’m with stupid :wink: