What specifications did the auldey nuclear fission, sonic dragon had?


i used to have an Auldey nuclear fission and a sonic dragon back when they were released and they were cheap (300 INR/4.6 $) , both of these yoyos used to sleep for atleast 1 min which made me think that buying a new YYF Replay will be much better but unfortunately i can’t get it to spin more than 25 secs. Can any of you guys explain this? And does anyone knows what bearing and response system did nuclear fission had?


Due to the fact that you live in India so it might be humid and that could be bad on the bearing try taking it out with pliers and dropping it in mineral spirits/acetone/paint thinner/ lighter fluid/ be Sure to de-shield the bearing first.


Never use pliers. Try to leverage the bearing off using only the inside race otherwise you’ll change the bearings shape. Never use pliers please.


I put a paper towel and I have never damaged a bearing and these are plastic yoyos the bearing seat is not going to fight back he could prob even use his teeth and not damage them


Pro tip.
“Use His Teeth”
Works every time.


I’m making a joke I don’t recommend it lol