Hi so i’ve been a big fan of the play style of the positron and my current one broke :frowning: long story… but does anyone have any idea of any other yoyos that have the same shape/play style at a cheaper price?

Maybe you should share with us how the Positron broke so we can recommend a route that can get it repaired. That might be a good way to go.

ok so i was trying to takeout my bearing cause something got caught in it and i got pliers. so i tried taking the bearing out but instead the pliers instead of taking the bearing out it completely damage and put massive dings in my positron. i has horrible spin and is now responsive… also the fact that it slowly cuts the string

All the more reason to use a bearing puller and/or proper pliers.

I think you damaged the bearing beyond worth repair and you need to rub down the bearing seat with Denim. Maybe some pictures. I think it’s worth repairing even if you have to send it out.

kind of blurry but it’s that bad…

Supernova might be the way to go.

Just get another bearing, and then clean up the area around it with some emory cloth. (you buy it at the hardware store.) Your pants will work too but with burs like that it will both take for ever and mess up your pants.

That would actually be a very simple fix. Just sand the bearing seat with 220 grit sand paper, than 320 to create a more fine surface. You do not have to go up to very high grits on this. Keep sanding until the damage is less noticeable and is smoothed out.

The bearing seat doesn’t seem to have any damage at all.

guys its not the bearing… its the actual yoyo… there are tiny sharp alluminum bumps that are actualy in the yoyo. massive dings, sharp edges etc…

on the surface the pliers i used damaged the YOYO not the bearing… and also my positron is worlds 2011 marcus koh edition…

Yeah, then skip the step where you replace the bearing and take the advice man.

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I think that’ repairable.

Clearly you were sloppy with yanking the bearing out, probably since you didn’t have the right kind of pliers, coupled with lack of prior experience…

At this point, any warranty work is out of the question. A reasonable cost repair might be your best bet if you want someone else to do it for you. I think Landon Balk might be one of a few modders who could take this on.

The marks around the bearing seat are what’s cutting your string and may be also causing your bearings to fail. However, once removed, at the bearings still bad? Even after cleaning? At any rate, you need to remove those marks and ensure the bearing seat area is totally clean, clear and smooth. The damage in that area may also cut strings, so you’ll need to smooth that out as well. Just because we can’t feel it with our fingers doesn’t mean it’s not there. I had to rub down a couple of bearing seats.

So, either send it to a modder and let their skills clean it up, or do the work yourself. A lot of people are providing some good advice, but even so, it’s stuff I personally would not feel comfortable doing myself. Why? That’s not the kind of work I am good at! I bet for less than $50, you can have this repaired. To me, that sounds like money well spent.

Take some clearer pics of the yoyo, if the damage is not beyond repair, I could fix it if you just pay shipping.

the bearing is fine btw

It seems okay…If you wanna replace it I guess a supernova is a good way to go… You could also sell the positron to someone ME!!! and then use that money to save up and get another positron?

You could probably by just rubbing it with sandpaper, that would stop it from cutting strings.

I really would highly recommend seeing what a good modder could do with it. You shouldn’t just be accepting that $150+ have gone down the drain…