What song are you throwing to today?

Soulless- Fake Problems
Hysteria- Motion City Soundtrack
Minecraft is Just Awesome
Forever Yours- Alex Day
Mr.Pond- Chameleon Circuit
Big Bang 2- Chameleon Circuit
Doctor What- Chameleon Circuit

Lost Woods Dubstep-(Remix by Ephixa)



dying by kill the noise

nyan cat -_-

Draper - Painting in the Sky

Wow Nice songs but never heard of most of them :slight_smile: haha

100 dubstep songs, various artists.

Not feeling anything today…


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Burn it down and (I have no freaking idea why) Eyes Open, are mostly what I threw to today, among others.
Oh yeah, and shutupayouface. (Look it up, it’s hysterical.)

Phoenix, Passion Pit, Weezer…

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

Driving me Wild by Commom


Flex by Borgore. Highly tasteful.

Blue collar man by styx, it’s a classic

golden age