What is good yoyo music?


What music do you guys throw to? I want to find good throwing music that I can use whenever.

What music did Vashek use in his World’s Final?


I have liked:
Martin Garrix animals,
Showtek and justin prime cannonball,
Glitch mob drive it like you stole it drink the sea,
Glitch mob warrior concerto we can make the world stop.

Hope you enjoy these!


Anything that has a nice beat to it.


Major Lazer.

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Glitch mob fortune day’s and drive it like you stole it


The beatles


The Glitch Mob is excellent. I’ve spun for hours upon hours listening to that album on repeat before. My favorites from it are Between two points and We Swarm (sometimes Starve the ego, feed the soul.)

If you like The Glitch Mob then you’ll also like Blackmill or Arkasia.


This link just takes me to the YouTube home page. ???

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You’ll notice the link was m.youtube.com rather than www.youtube.com, which means she was posting from her phone, which could have made the link not work from a computer.

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abby doesn’t have a phone


Maybe she was on an iPad or borrowing someone else’s? Does it really matter?


lyricless music

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Lol ;D

why would the link start with the m unless it was on mobile?

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I think its an ipod touch or something she’s got


I don’t compete, but I think k it would all come down to how you plan to perform when you compete. If your gonna go with a bit slower performance, then music like how zach gormley uses would work. But if you tend to wanna get people moving and into the music, then you want something more upbeat like what gentry stein uses. It really all depends of how you plan to actually perform and what style you use when you throw. :wink:


If I can make it to tokyo next year this s the one i l use
It doesnt matter I give this out now because obviously there s no way i l be in finals


Try " All the Above" By Maino (Feat. T-Pain)


What music do you like? Then that’s good music to throw to. The music says something about the person throwing.

Even classical music could make for an exciting and entertaining competition. Go to Pandora and try different genres. You might be surprised what kinds of music inspire you.

Good luck!


Very true Mike very true