Best Yo-Yo Music?

What is the best music to yo-yo to (in your opinion, there obviously is no best)? Looking for something good to throw to.

The Beatles


Monstercat - Best of 2013. Best mix ever made

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Trap and Hip Hop (all strong beats)

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Ever since Gentry won Worlds, Monstercat has been gaining popularity in the community. We can see this with Zach’s recent PNWR win. Zach used Insight by Haywyre. In the recent 44 clash video, Triumph by WRLD was used. You should really look into all of EDM. But FIRST. Start with Monstercat. There is a ton of great music that they publish.

The truth is the music need to fit you and the performance if you are going for more of a fun loose personality while you throw then you put fun and loose music on, looking for more of a suspenseful feel then you put suspenseful music on. The music will create an atmosphere if your performance doesn’t fit that atmosphere then that music won’t work no matter how cool it is. if you dress as Link and put Legend of Zelda music on how you look will match the atmosphere the music gives so do go what is the best music the question is what is the best music for you?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out, which is why I made this topic :\

Beats Antique- probably my favorite artist to throw through… super easy to flow with anything they do in my oppinion

2cello’s is worth checking out too!

Cant go wrong with some slow dirty dubstep either… edm is great to throw to


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Anything Trap related!

Pretty much just search the word “trap” into and anything will be dope!

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Can be a little sketchy though lol

I like me some chillstep.

Preach, bro. I am currently setting up my routine for Worlds 2015 with that Yellow Submarine

Neil Young, Eagles, John Denver, Bob Dylan are my favs to play yoyo with.

Haha. That’s awesome man! That was the song I did for my 2014 AZ prelim. Favorite Beatles song.

Been listening to Monstercat - Best of 2013 and that stuff is great for yoyoing.

That’s like asking what yoyo is best or which string is the best…

But… I like the question, made me think…

I like throwing to 90s hiphop or modern blues… weird, I know… sometimes to cheesy songs also, like Taylor Swift crap… haha… but I’m a proponent of performance based yo-yoing since I am not as technical as some of you here.

This is my favorite routine second to Gentry Stein’s 2013 US National winning one… which I would like to know the songs he used…


i really like throwing to Gramatik, c2c, pretty lights, mf doom. id have to say though gramtik has some bangers that are great to get into a rythme with

+1 for both.