Best Yo-Yo Music?

I feel like the Beatles are better for actually listening to rather than passively listening to while yoyoing, so I never really toss jo’s to them.

I like to yoyo to anything from classical to rap. If the song makes me wanna yo to it ill yo to it.


Wait wait wait… you’re in worlds???

Psychedelic beatles

That is the greatest yoyo performance of all time. Having seen this, I believe my life is complete.

Try Lecrae or Andy Mineo

Can’t get a list going, I’d be here all night. Here’s a couple tunes I have queued up…

Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic - Cuz I’m Like Dat

Streets of Rage 2 OST - Stage 8

I played WAY too many fighters/ beat em ups when I was a kid ;D

I like electronic music sometimes, but I love throwing to metal. Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, etc… That’s just stuff I listen to while throwing, never thrown to music, but I imagine if I did, I’d use some sort of flowy hip hop or something, the gorillaz come to mind

I like matthew parker good solid dubstep and edm!