What should my next yoyo be?

I like responsive play what would be my best bet? (even if its not up there)

You don’t have it listed, but I think it’s your best option. The New Freehand. Comes stock with factory recessed stickers. Take one out and it’s still responsive, but you can fit more string in the gap and it’s a lot smoother with complex tricks. You can pick them up at Toys’R’us for $15. Haven’t seen them any place online yet (YoYoNation has a limited selection of the new colors).

If that is unacceptable for you. Freehand Zero or Metal Zero (if you have the extra money), but Hayabusa SL would be better for 4A or learning 5A.

P.S. It’s also safer to buy the New Freehand at Toys’R’us so you can make sure it’s the new one. To do this just make sure that that package shows that it comes with 1 set of extra spaces, 1 character head counter weight and 1 extra string. As well as Brandon Jackson on the back of the package, instead of Steve Brown or the Duncan Boy.

What I’ve done is just taken a YYJ with at least one o-ring and siliconed that and kept it tightened all the way. The majority of the time I do this it stays responsive for a long time. :slight_smile:

get a adjust-o-matic, 80$ and can be responsive or unresponsive however you wan’t to play!

Why not a velocity then? Just saying…

You’re a very mean person

How am I mean by trying to save somebody some money?

The Adjusto-Matic would also be a good choice, just depends if you have the money or not.

I have had a lot of trouble with the FHZ… once the stickers wore out its no good and i wore them out in a day. I probaly wouldnt go Ducan, but out of these the Metal 0 is the best. my friend has one and its silent and its nice. the YYJ Lyn Fury is a nice yoyo. and its cheap.