Could someone recommend me a responsive yo-yo?

Hey everybody,
I was just wondering if somebody could maybe recommend me a responsive yo-yo, for advance string tricks.(I know it will be harder on responsive yo-yos, I just want one for the fun of it.)
Here are my preferences on responsive string trick yo-yos:

  1. I don’t want sticker response, or any that I can’t get replacement from a local store.
  2. I prefer the price to be around $10, but at the most $20.
  3. I want the weight to be at least 60 grams.
  4. I don’t want it to break easily.
  5. I have a modified Fast 201, so I don’t want a second one.
    Thank you in advance.

Well the New Duncan Freehand fits all your wants other then no Sticker Response. The 1st pad doesn’t last that long, but if you use 1 Silicone Sticker they’ll last a lot longer. With the amount of string you can fit in it’s gap, while it’s still spinning freely and still be responsive, I say it’s the best.

To be able to do advanced tricks and stay responsive…

The Duncan Dragonfly uses a cork response pad, and you don’t have to change those very often. I think you can get it for $10 at Toys’R’us. There’s also the YoYoJam Journey and YoYoJam Kickside.

Duncan Dragonfly, $9.99 from Toys’R’us
Duncan Freehand, $13.99 from Toys’R’us
YoYoJam Journey, $15.30 from YoYoExpert
YoYoJam Kickside, $15.30 from YoYoExpert

Course I guess you could really make any Yo-Yo responsive, if you add enough thick lube.

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The Kickside is responsive? I thought hybrid response systems are unresponsive. If it is responsive, then I will probably get the kickside, because I always liked the caps.

Kicksides (atleast both of the ones I own) come stock responsive. They can fit more in the gap then a Journey, and can be made more unresponsive. But yes they start out responsive.

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Thank you for your help, Supernaut3, I am probably going to get a YYJ Kickside.

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fhz or metal zero

You’re most welcome. Glad I could help.

Read much?
He doesn’t want sticker response



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The Kickside, Duncan instructional video, and thick lube, I ordered hopefully would be here tomorrow.

Sounds like a nice order to me!

velocity!!! it is a great yoyo because it is ajustable so you can make it resposive and nonresponsve

Yoyojam Lyn Fury. They also have an adjustable gap. So it can be responsive or unresponsive.

Guys, read through the thread, I know you’re trying to help but he’s already placed an order