What should I learn?

I’m still a beginner and I want to learn some more technical stuff. I won’t lie, when I say beginner I mean it. I’m not bad, but I don’t know much. Just looking for some cool stuff to learn! Help me out!

Go through all the tutorials on this site.
Also check out yotricks and rethinkyoyo.
Learn all the tricks that you think look good.
Take bits and pieces from all of the tricks you know and combine them in unique ways.

If you’re going to want to learn the tech stuff, you should definitely get all the fundamentals down. Start with a basic front style bind and side style bind, trapeze and brain twister mounts. Once you’ve got the basics down, poke around online and see what looks good to you. You don’t have to do the tricks in any particular order either. I find some of the tricks in the expert section on YYE easier than some of the intermediate stuff.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck on something.


I would suggest looking at a few videos ahead of where you are learning too. Sometimes I got stuck on a trick and instead of frustrating myself I just moved on to something else and came back to it.