What should I get?

What should I get out of the Curvy Donut Man, Format: C, or the Valor?

I have the Elysian already so that sparks my interests for the CDM, but the Elysian was a little to long and heavy for my personal tastes. I believe that they are all good for fingerspins but I don’t know which one is better. Out of these 3 I’m just looking for the better competition throw, the one that’s faster, more stable, better for horizontal, and the such. I’m also open to any other suggestions.

I’ve never thrown a Curvy Donut Man. Now with that considered, I’d pick the Valor. Still one of the best 7075 throws out there. One Drop has made a lot of greats and the Valor is certainly one of them. I believe it would make the best competition throw out of those three.

For the price, I would recommend getting a bimetal. The space cowboy is a very good competition throw.

Format c is probably the best for competing (this is where the name come from) or the valor is also a solid yoyo for competition and overall a very good yoyo for any kind of play style.

Topdeck. 79 bucks for a 7075 & feels like a bimetal as well.

The Valor is amazing! Rebirth and Top Deck are also excellent choices. I was never a fan of the Format C.