What should I get?

Going to get myself a new throw here soon, and I’m not sure what to get. Currently I have a protostar gold, a genesis hub stack black, and a DM2 pink and blue. My next throw I want to be relaxed, maybe good for whips as I’m mastering technical tricks first then going to start a whip frenzy.

My genesis suits any and all playability needs I will probably ever need, smooth, forgiving and just an amazing good throw overall. The problem is that black is boring. I hate the look of the gold protostar, and my DM2 is subpar in playability and feel now that I throw my genesis. My next throw I want to be an everydayer (don’t like hubs tacks) but I’m looking for something fun, relaxed, but this throw I want to be a sweet color.

I love love love the puffin but I’m only looking to spend $100 max. I like the paint splash look and orange colors. I also love love love the yellow ( ember) code 2 natilus, but am unsure if it’s a good throw.

Just wondering what you all suggest. gave you what I’m looking for and want your guys opinions and suggestions.

I think the Chik, benchmark series (organic version comes to mind), cascade, aviator or 86400 would fit you pretty well.

The C3 glitter, dymension and movitation all fit that price range but I don’t think they’d be very relaxed throws but are awesome throws nonetheless. Might want to take a look at the Rex as well since it’s definitely got some unique colors but once again is more competition driven. Superstar and supernova are worthy of being checked out to. Finally the Tre 2k13 is the last one I’ll bring up since I love werrds product line.

Honorable mention goes to the triton and APE-X since they’re both almost $100 but just a little bit over the mark

Also if you’re willing to go the route of the BST that opens up all sorts of other throws to buy. I’ll also say that the code 2 is a great throw but I found it pretty boring. I think it’d fit your relaxed play though pretty well and a GZR edition would be even better.

So relaxed throws with great colors? Hmmm. I’d signed the YYF HOT. Plays nice and smooth and has a nice float while maintaining a since of heft. Did I mention the splashes and colors. Even gold looks nice. Would also suggest YYO Jaeger. Great colors and relaxed play.

Love the suggestions guys! It’s down to the cascade and the hot. I love both. They both look like the puffin. What’s the comparison like between these throws and the puffin? What makes them both so much cheaper? Esp the cascade it looks almost identical.

The cascade has a diameter that’s just smaller than the HOT.

^ … Here’s proof

Funny that I just had those exact pictures lying around from a -super cool- post in the “tooHOT” thread. Took it this morning. Awesome that it fit perfectly in two occasions in the same day!

Get want you think you want. That’s the best advice ever. Period?

The Too Hot is set to be $45

Thanks a ton for the posts. Ive decided to go with the hot. Question is, is the too HOT going to be in that yellow color?
I think I should just suck it up and get both lol.