Come one, come all!

Hey guys, I’ve noticed my tastes have changed drastically since my first LF:H/R post. So, that time has come, no, not Christmas! The time to get a nice throw.

Price range: $0-$130

  1. What size do you prefer? Full sized

  2. What shape do you prefer? H-shaped, Beefed up rim weight, Ungodly stability, easy to land

  3. What response do you prefer? Silicone (who doesn’t?)

  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it? Not on anything over $100

  5. What weight is ideal to you? 63-72,

  6. Does color matter? As long as its not really ugly

  7. How does your style relate to the yoyo? Suicides, Lacerations, Grinds, Hubstacks, Slow and fast, Hops, easy string transfers, multiple layers of string.

  8. What is your skill level? advanced-expert (in terms of tricks, Advanced in terms of knowledge)


Bold: Reqired
Underlined: Not required
Bold and underlined: Ungodlyness required

since you underline hubstack, what i can think of is superstar or G5.

genesis or wait to get it stacked! :smiley:

get a superstar that fits your preference perfectly

Yeah the superstar is your best choice you fit it to a tee with your preferences. :wink:

Vs.NYYC Skywalkers are amazing, and they fit your prefs perfectly.
(There should be some on YYN… Shhhh, I didn’t say that…)

That doesn’t really make sense too me. ???

Otherwise, if you want hubstacks in a full-size there’s the SuperStar, Genesis(I think there’s hubstacks version somewhere)Severe, Primo, and MVP. Those actually don’t have hubstacks.

Is the Superstar good for grinds?

Really good for grinds. And their even better for grinds when you get the Wavelenth edition. :wink:

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:smiley: Thanks!