H3X or Genesis With Hubstacks


I would like to know the pros and cons of each yoyos, how the throw is, and if they are worth the price.

Thank You :smiley:


Amazing throw. Very luxrious, boasting Titanium Rings (and special TiDize on them if you get certain colorways). Great for flow, it seems to float anywhere you want it to. On the lighter side. Only real downside is the high walls for horizontals. Tilting and lower spin times are imminent during horizontal play, but usually people aren’t heavily dependant horizontals.

Ahhh the Genesis. This thing has been a favorite of players since its debut in 2009 (correct me if I’m wrong). This thing is great for competition. The beefy rims give you that extra spin time to finish that hard combo. Stable, and on the heavy side. I honestly dislike the hubstacked version. If I bought one, I would put nubs on it, it would play better and be quieter.

In the end, do you want to step a wee bit into the wild and experience the unique of play the H3X has in store for you (I gurantee the fun of the H3X will last wayy longer than that of the generic Genesis+) or will you go with the consistent, looking back and deciding you want to stay in the comfort zone, horrified by the thought of wasting money on something too new? Fun, unqiue, fun, floaty, fun, fun, fun, and oh, did I mention fun vs. serious, stable, hubstacked, competition?


The H3X looks pretty legit.

Yoyojam rarely disappoints so I say go ahead and get the H3X.


Well the genesis has been a modern classic for most and most use it in competition even miggy still uses it for 5a, though the H3X is a more vamp up trinity with ti rings.

But it all comes down to preferences.


Ive tried my friend’s H3X and it is very comfy and smooth. Never tried a Genesis though…but the H3X is great.


I honestly dislike the hubstacked version. If I bought one, I would put nubs on it, it would play better and be quieter.

Does the hubstacked version come with the multitool and spare response pads and bearing, like the regular one?


Email Yoyoexpert and they’ll tell you.


buy it from yotricks . com , it comes with a multitool, and pads, but no spare bearing, center tracs are $1 cheaper there though,
The h3x is a great yoyo, the only con is that it doesn’t grind well,… if u don’t like hubstacks u could put nubs on the hubstack genesis because it would become smoother, the black version also grinds better than the splash and the normal genesis however for some reason… so it’s a matter of choice, if u don’t really grind get a h3x, if u still want grinds, get a hubstack genesis, if u don’t want hubstacks but still want grinds, get nubs…