Lookin for somthing new..

Im coming into 60 bucks… I can add some money, so probably 100 bucks max…

I just want somthing new, for fun, I kinda wanna buy a new Protostar but like I said, I want somthing new…

I like full sized heavy throws, and flat rims are awesome. sharp angles are a plus too, so Im thinking somthing oppisite, undersized, and rounded, I was thinking an 888X, and other ideas?

boss, 44, tactic, campfire,goryla
All are super great throws, i would recmend them all

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Want something really different? Try a 3yo3 at landonbalk.com, they’re made of acryllic, i haven’t thrown one, but they look pretty awesome, they can be dyed and beadblasted, too :o they look so good

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