what should I get?

I have 28 dollars and can spend no more (so no pgm :slight_smile:
I can only spend 23 dollars though because of shipping and
I have no idea what yoyo to get the yoyos I have are the
M1, Speedmaker, and the Flying panda. I was thinking of kickside w/ synergy caps
but I’m not sure if I should get something else

Stick with your M1. Save money. :slight_smile:

I agree.

If you wish to buy one NOW, as high as you can go with YYJ is a Big Ben. The Legacy is $25 and shipping is about $5.(Depending where you live.) As high as you can go with YYF is the Offstring. Good luck!

big ben is fun but my cousin has big ben so i use it regularly
(any other suggestion?)

If you really want a new yoyo, I would try a Legacy.

It seems that you got a nice yoyo collection to use as of now.

But if you really want to get something else, how about a Lyn Fury?
Its a really nice playing yoyo and fits your budget quite well.

The yoyo is a basic plastic, but the possibilities are endless to what you can do with it.
Silicone it, Satin finish, clean the bearing, you got a really nice set-up there.

Just a suggestion.

Dont forget to check out the Buy/See/trade threads as well.
You can find great deals on yoyos there as well.

Good luck!


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I have a YYF speed dial, I’ll hook you up, $20 shipped, PM me if your interested.

I will have to agree with that. Due to the current financial downturn, you should save up for a rainy day.
Maybe a few years down the road, you would have saved up enough money to buy a much better yoyo than you would if you had gotten it now.

i was now thinking about new sili pad(if I i do thick pad or thin pad?) for my M1(the pad are half way gone due to accident :slight_smile:
and a gs2 is that a good decision

What happened? But if you need the pads…

And the GS2 might be good to mess around with… it has Z-Rings, which are supposed to wear themselves down to your preference… weird… it is easy to dye, and is good looking… but it isn’t better than the M1. So, what do you want to use it for?

I’m planning on using it for 5a

In that case, the Lyn-Fury, Kiockside, or Legacy should be great for you.

Or an FHZ?

Lyn Fury, Kickside, Legacy, FHZ, or maybe just get some bearings and pads.

i need sili pads for M1 and i must get yoyo and pads from one site

Then a GS2, you can only get M1 pads from One Drop site.

The M1 uses .555 sized pads. You can get .555 sized pads at almost every site. The Duncan silicone stickers (133.7mm) are practically the same as .555.