what should i get?

my freind is gonna sell me his g5 but i was thinkin about the yyf popstar and loop900
what should i get?
then tell what you would get.

First off post in the right section. Second it really all depends on your style of play. Price wise it’s s bad deal considering a popstar and a loop 900 comes out roughly at 50 dollars while a G5 is 99. The loop is best for looping (duh) and the popstar is an undersized throw that no way could out play the G5. If it were my choice I would get a G5.

Those are very different yoyo’s.
Are you intrested in looping? If you are Loop 900 is great.

And POPstar is a very small yoyo. Much smaller than under-sized. It will be harder to land tricks and I wouldn’t recommend that to a progressing player. It’s more of a fun yoyo.

G5 is a great yoyo over anything, precisely made as it is a high end, and the Z Stacks are great because you can catch the yoyo in tricks without much difficulty.
Take the stacks off and a prefect, up to 10 min sleeper yoyo. It also has a thinner profile and features a step down slanted H-Shape.

Over all, G5 is the way because the prices are totally different, G5 worths more, G5 is easier to progress, G5 has stacks that would be fun but take them off and a prefect “fine” yoyo.

You get what I mean? Like it just doesn’t match up.

Get the g5.
Unless you want to loop, then go for the loop 900.

But just saying, the g5 is still my favourite throw, even though I have a genesis and an 888.
It just has a really nice feel to it. I took off the z stacks and put on some rice stacks because I like doing thumb grinds. But it’s still pretty smooth, and sleeps for quite a long time.

if you want to loop though, the loop 900 is just as good, if not better, than modded raiders.

Contrary to what others have said, when I tried the Popstar, I find that I have no problems landing tricks with it. If you like undersized yoyos, then go for the Popstar. Personally, I find that it is of the perfect size. It can play perfectly well. If you like oversized throws, get the G5 instead. It is all about what you prefer.

im selling it to him for 65 bucks though (im the friend)