what should i get??

i want a yoyo with synergy caps, stacks, ect.
but i have only $25 should i get a:

kickside w/ synergy caps
or other
if other tell what yoyo that has synergy caps, stacks, ect.
i should get

you could save up more and get a stacked PGM

I would recommend a PGM. The synergy caps are more for fun instead of play. They tend to add wobble and affect spin dynamics.

i more looking for fun and i want pgm but i still want some more sugestions

There aren’t really too many options…

Any YYJ with synergy caps


A Stacked PGM

The YYJ will be cheaper, but the PGM will be better.

I beg to differ…to an extreme level… :stuck_out_tongue:

i would say get a stacked PGM if you much have stacks, yyjs with synergy caps aren’t really that great but the PGM is really nice, you can adjust the weight which is what i mainly like about the PGM.