need help....


i have a M1 and a Yomega Hotshot and i need a good yoyo mainly just for fun
i dont care for what style its for (1a,2a,3a,4a,5a) and i can spend like $20 or probably $30.
so any suggestions?


So… how about a mighty flea? it’s 40$… or a big yo?


those do sound like fun but i still am going to listen to more suggestions 8)




lol What about getting a pgm for hubstacks? since it doesn’t fit the $30, you can also buy a kickside and some synergy caps! Pull starting is fun.

(Frank W.) #6

The legacy is a really good yoyo it’s just like the DM, HM, or the x-convict but way cheaper & all plastic, but weighted plastic so it can be like the metals.


kickside with synergy caps do sound fun but i still want to hear more sugestions


If u dont care what style its for maybe get a pair of 2a yoyos, i hear yyj sunset trajectorys are good or maybe get an offstring yoyo? Learning a new style is always fun! And if you got a few extra bucks get some duncan counterweights for your hotshot.


Try hitman, if you do a hard trick, it’ll be great/fun or a mini-motu, its pretty small.

Happy Throwing! =]


i would get hitman or ect. with synergy caps or without
but i dont got enough money
i would if a could

(Jei Cheetah) #11

If you want a fun yoyo, I would go for a yoyojam bigyo!

They are large but really fun to use for 4A.
One of the best 4A yoyos ever and good to learn on.

And throwing some 1A on it feels awesome and will put a smile on your face every time.

5A feels nice as well.

A very good yoyo that I think every yoyoer should have.

And it fits your price range like a glove.

A great yoyo for fun.

If you want something a bit more for standard 1A and maybe even 5A, try a plastic Grind Machine.
Nice awesome playing yoyo.

Either way, you will enjoy the yoyo.

Good luck with whatever you choose!



i was thinking of getting a synergy caped yoyo
should i get a synergy caped Aquarius(cause of offstring) or a other synergy caped yoyo
i dont care if i get a synergy caped 1a or 4a yoyo


Well, Synergy Caps are said to mess up yoyos, the are almost impossible to get off.

I would go with a straight out Yo-Yo instead.

(Jamesofyoyo) #14

oooooo synergy caps sound fun!!! id go with it! (or the aquarius, or x convict but thats $42) ::slight_smile:

(_|@<06) #15

speedmakers are great :wink: and you could get 2 of them and mix colors or if you like double o ring or double starburst you could have that

(JonasK) #16

I think the stacked PGM sounds like a pretty good choice. You get the fun out of hubstacks. You get the fun of freehand play. I just started freehanding and it is wicked fun. I did not hink it would be that much fun, but it really is. And if you know a lot of the 1a tricks on this site, you will go through the 5a tricks really fast. Of course, a synregized Aquarius is also a great choice. I have not tried offstring yet, but I will try that out soon, and I bet it will be fun. But just a note from YoyoExpert on the synergies:

Again, just a note.