please help me decide?

I can only pay up to $30 and I want a nice fun yoyo
I was thinking a kickside with synergy caps but i still don’t
know what yoyo I should get.
Just prefer a fun yoyo i should get

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First of all, if you want to add “M1 for life” as your signature so that it goes under each of your posts, you can go to your Profile. And then click Forum Profile Information and add a signature.

Secondly, if you are looking for something fun for $30, you could try to try a new style of yo-yoing, looping or offstring perhaps. Otherwise, personally, I would just save the money up.

get the new plastic grind machine

ok and thanks for signature help

yea I vote for the PGM too. later.

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I kind of assumed that shipping would be included in that $30, but yeah, I agree. A Plastic Grind Machine would also be a great choice and will probably be better than getting a Kickside and Synergy caps. The Plastic Grind Machine is made for hubstacks, after all, and it is of an overall better quality.

But then again if you ever find yourself doing 5A in the near future you should get the legacy. Great 5A player and is really worth $26.:wink:

I would say a Free Hand Zero 2, if you keep an look out on e-bay you can some times find an Higby painted one the best 24.95 I have ever spent. If you are looking for YYJ then Legacy for shure.

I would say PGM and a notice never buy plastic synergy caps.I have a pair of them and they are really making problems.They don’t come out etc.

They come off quite easy. Just take a thin screwdriver, put it through the holes, and pry them out. It may look like the cap is bending and about to break, but it wont break, its flexible. Just pry till it comes off.

My synergy caps have no problems. They stabilize my 58 gram meteor ;D

Save up jest a little bit more money and get a PGM + some CW. IT’s great 1a and 5a player. (my bearing is pobably messed up :’()

i would go for the legacy, its a great yoyo and synergy caps also fit that.

Wait. Your meteor is 58 grams? That lighter than the stock specs of the Meteor!

meteor is 64 grams

What yoyo are you using it on?
If it is the legacy,then it will be very hard to remove due to the wheight rings.

I must also go with the PGM. It is a great choice for both 1a, and 5a.

Oh yeah,I forgot to put it on my other post,agreed.

The Legacy is better than the PGM IMO

What’s the difference between synergy caps and hubstacks? Other than looks, like play.

It also depends on shape. Don’t just get the PGM because you like the stacks. If you don’t like the shape, it’s not worth it.

so I’m guessing i should get a pgm but are there any other suggestions