I need a good yoyo. please suggest one pretty please

hi, i cant find a good yoyo. I NEED TO CHOOSE BEFORE EASTER!!! if you have any more suggestions please make a reply. yoyos on my wanted list

Dark magic
Black knight
Speed maker

Please reply or vote

Your friend sternberg97\ real name Matt

in my opinion
i think you should get either a dark magic or a legacy
i have both and they are pretty awesome

What play? For a BigYo or Aquarius would be a 4A yoyo. Others are 1a

evan is right
we cant pick one of those if they are desinged for different play stiles
tell us which play stile you like and we could find a good yo for you
but anyways for os I would suggest a aquarous and for 1a a DM

As many of the above have said, it would be nice to know what style you are playing. Another good thing to know, is your skill level. But the most important thing for now is your style.

If you play mostly 1a, go with the DM
If you play 3a go with 2 speedmakers (others will work, but will end up on a higher budget)
If you play 4a Both the Aquarius and BigYo will work fine, pick the one you want.
If you play 5a Then the Black Knight is actually said to be pretty good.

What? 2a is missing? That is because none of the yoyos you have listed is better suited for 2a. Therefore, I get the impression that you do not want a 2a yoyo.

why not an m1?

Since I am not the one who made this poll, I can’t hit the nail on the head, but I’ll name some possibilities

  1. sternberg97 maybe don’t want a metal or does not feel ready for one.
  2. sternberg97 may be stuck on a lower budget
  3. sternberg97 might hate the M1 or heard bad things about it (this one is less likely)

Speedmakers rule :wink: and they dont bite your pocket, there also indestructible!

I think if you play 4a, than you should definetly get a big yo. If you play 1a, than you should consider getting a dark magic.

I haz ONE drop made a good piont. I thing if you have enough money, than you should get an M1. the M1 only costs $60. It is only about 10-20 dollars more than the darkmagic. If you really like it, then you should get it. But if you don’t like it because it is all metal, then you should get a dark magic for 1a, or a big yo for 4a.

Well, lets see, for 4A, the Big Yo uses a O-ring response and is bigger than the Aquarius making it easier to catch. The Aquarius is smaller and uses a tight gap response.

For 1A, if you want to start Matador tricks, I would get the Black Knight because it has tiny dimples which allow you to grab the yoyo. If you want a indestructible, good and affordable yoyo that is fast, I would get the Speed Maker (Prefered if you like simple fast tricks). For a yoyo for more complex tricks, I would get the Dark Magic it spins long, and can play pretty fast if needed.

But, it all comes down in your preference.

I hope this helps!