What should i get?

currently i have about 20 something dollars. my cousin has this 15 dollar cosmic spin yoyo from a company called NED. It was surprisingly better than what you would think from any yoyo you can get from the market. I know this sounds stupid but should i get it or save up for something else like the pacquiao or 888x? note: the cosmic spin only seems bad because only begginers seem to use them.

You should wait until you have enough to buy a 100 pack of string, some YYJ thin lube, and a YoyoJam $15 plastic. I don’t know about the Cosmic Spin since I have never played one, but you can’t go wrong with a Lyn Fury or Kickside.

And you’re going to NEED string and lube:


Lyn Fury:

Total: around $35 USD

Good luck

This just proves my point that basically any yoyo, especially ones made these days, are awesome and none is really any better than another, so thank you. It’s preference.

So what you decide to do is up to you. If you need to flip a coin or something, go for it. Either way, you’ll end up with a good yoyo.

im not a fan of yyj plastic. i already have a speedmaker. I also have a ilyy fury which noone seems to buy but is really good. Anyway, I am looking for a good price that is capable of doing a lot. I have no favorite things i look forward to most in a yoyo like speed or stability or whatever. This seems to be what a cosmic spin seems to deliver. You can google cosmic spin and maybe see what its like. It is really just interesting. Thanks anyway.

i bought the cosmic spin anyway. i will post a vid when i get it to show you how it is.