Beginner's Buying Guide!

Wow, Yoyoing is pretty fun, right? Yeah! The problem is though, there are so many different yoyos to choose from? Small bearing, large bearing, shims, o-rings, pads, spacers, big, small, undersized, adjustable response, plastic, metal, wood, hubs, rims, weight, axle, konkave, Dorothy! I’m confused! I just want to know what yoyo is good for a beginner.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I present to you, the Beginner’s Buying Guide! Da da da da! Use this as a tool to advance your knowledge of yoyos to make the best decision for yourself. Let’s get started!


Here there are a few choices. Let’s investigate!

Kickside by Yoyojam - $14.40

The Yoyojam kickside is a plastic yoyo, the signature yoyo of legendary player Rick Wyatt! It features a solid body and shape, as well as a good weight at 66 grams. The Kickside uses Hybrid response to ensure a good return to your hand each time! (As long as you’ve practiced!) The Kickside will not let you down! It is also available in multiple colors here, which is always fun!

Lyn Fury by Yoyojam - $14.40

The Lyn Fury is another Yoyojam creation, like the Kickside. It is a signature yoyo of Johnny Delvalle, winner of the World Yoyo Contest in 2003! Wow! The Lyn Fury is slightly smaller than the Kickside, but is no less of a player. However, beginners be warned! The response on a Lyn Fury has been known to be lost a little bit after alot of play. If you play it alot, then it might be difficult to return. If you are experiencing this, use some Yoyojam Thick Lube and it should be a bit easier. However, that is also a bit of a difficult process. That is why I recommend other yoyos over the Lyn Fury for a beginner.

Velocity by YoyoFactory - $19.99

The Velocity broke new ground in terms of compatibility for a beginning yoyoer. It is smooth, stable, and of comfortable shape. What really makes the Velocity amazing though, is its response system. YoyoFactory has invented a way for a player to change the level of response on their Velocity according to their needs! So if you are a beginner, you can crank up the response so the yoyo comes back easily, but if you are more advanced you can lower it for more advanced whips. The possibilities are almost endless, and the Velocity can really become a good yoyo to use throughout your career. It is highly recommended!

Freehand Zero by Duncan - $17.99

The Freehand Zero (FHZ) is often looked at as the premier 5A beginner yoyo, but many players enjoy it for 1A. It is reasonably large and has an adjustable gap, good spin times and many color choices to boot. However, I do not recommend this yoyo for a beginner. The FHZ uses pads, which is a response system that has to be changed and dealt with on a regular basis, and there are also little spacers that can get lost very easily on the inside of the yoyo. It is alot of hassle, you really just want to get up and yoyo, don’t you? I thought so. The FHZ is a good yoyo, but hold off on buying it for now.

The Next Step

Now you feel like you want to upgrade. This is really whenever you want to, many people do it around the Advanced section on Yoyoexpert. There are many more choices for yoyos here, let’s take a look!

Dark Magic by Yoyojam - $40.80

The Yoyojam Dark Magic is one of the best acclaimed metal rimmed yoyo to date. It has a plastic body and metal weight rings that provide more rim weight, which means longer spin times! (These metal rims are also featured on the Hitman and X-ConVict!) Its large size, upper weight, large gap, and hybrid response have been used by national champions and regular players alike. The Dark Magic is a breed all its own, and really has to be played to be experienced. It is a phenomenal player, smooth and quick. Very highly recommended.

Hitman by Yoyojam - $40.80

The Yoyojam Hitman is another signature yoyo of World Champion Johnny Delvalle! It is undersized, and considerably smaller than the Dark Magic, but in no way compromises its play. Its is quick, smooth, solid, and spins for quite some time. Best of all, the Hitman comes either Dual O-Ring or Hybrid Response, so you can pick whichever one you prefer. It is an incredible yoyo, that everyone should get a chance to play!

X-ConVict by Yoyojam - $42.50

The X-ConVict is another signature from Johnny Delvalle (him again!) It is also an outstanding selection, almost every player who bought an X-ConVict highly recommends it to others. Its Dual O-ring response provides solid returns and everything you need in a good yoyo.

Speed Dial by YoyoFactory - $49.99

The Speed Dial is the Velocity, but all grown up! It features the same adjustable response system as the Velocity. This time, however, it has an aluminum body and plastic rims. This makes a solid yoyo, and a very very smooth player. It is very quick (hence “Speed” dial) and can take many layers of string. The finish is also strikingly brilliant. Pick up a speed dial if you didn’t pick the Veloctiy before, or just really like the adjustable response! A great player indeed.

Now What?

Now you’ve really progressed. At this point, there are hundreds of different all-metal yoyos to choose from. Pick whichever ones look good to you, and give them a try! You really can’t go wrong.

I hope that this guide has helped you in selecting a good yoyo! Please know, however, that people’s tastes are different. You may like yoyos different than I do. You may like them bigger or smaller, heavier or lighter. The trick is to find the kind of combination that works for you, and seek out a yoyo that will make you really happy. Enjoy your yoyoing adventure!

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