new yo yo

I’m trying to pick my next yo yo and their is so many yo yo’s to choose from!!! Right now I have the FAST 201 yo yo and it SUCKS!!! I want a new yo yo that sleeps long, plays smooth and is good with binds any suggestions??? my price range is around 50$

legacy if you can bind
if not lyn fury
please move to help/recomendations

Two words: plastic YoYoJam.

All of them are great and you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

a yoyo doesn’t make you do tricks, you make yoyos do tricks

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That describes a lot of yoyos.
The YYF velocity is good if you’re trying to learn to bind.
Responsive & unresponsive.

You could do a lot of tricks with… like a projam. Or any yoyo of that matter.

If you want to go to the tip top of your budget, a good choice would be a New Breed or a Dark Magic. Lower, you could get a Lyn fury or a Legacy.

get a dm!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As said before, the Lyn Fury is really nice… if you are working on binds it is great for that. If you want to go 5a its great for that. If you want to do really nice tricks its great for that. I really like mine… it good out of the box and once you play with it for a while, it plays like the best plastics out there. $15 bucks isnt bad either

or that

People ask this question a lot. I have both, and the simple fact of the matter is that it’s all preference.
Both are great. Pick the one that you like better, they both are some of the best sub $50 dollar throws.

I think of the Protostar as being a more advanced yoyo despite its price. I can recomend either but for your position if money is not a huge factor I would say go with the DM. As you get more advanced you can silicone it if you want. You will be able to do anything on the DM. it is a spectatular yoyo all around however I find its strong point to be “feel”. If you compare the stats, meterials ect it might not stack up but the feel makes you really want to use it. It is dead unresponsive but the fact that you have a smaller gap really makes you want to power through tricks and in the end you will still have plenty af spinn left. It can handle grinds of all sorts, rejens, ElI Hops, Gryo Flops, the list goes on. I have found a special place in my heart for theis throw and I am sure you will too.

u sound like u REALLY know what ur talking about ;D

well, a protostar can do all of that and is cheeper. plus i feel the protostar is smoother and imo spins longer. and i have to say this so Apetrunk wont have to: grinding on those two yoyos are both posible.

though i do find both hard to get a good solid grind. but still, i can grind on a protostar and my DM isn’t any better. seriously they are both pretty even. i would say protostar because of price.

ah, money: the grand decider of all things.

I would say dark magic or new breed

Avery, seriously put your reasons behind your argument. i believe you are contributing random titbits and i feel like i am not obligated to listen because you have no reason behind your speach, and i know you are trying to contribute, but say: "i think DM or NB because… "
i have a feeling you are just trying to get more posts up.

hey man y is your fav trick ladder escape when you got a fast 201.

If the Protostar matches your preferences, then go for it. I would save up more though. I am throwing a One-Drop Markmont right now. I like them.

Oh my bad.