Looking to a yo yo (beginner)

I have been doing some research and I am stuck between four choices, Duncan bumblebee, Yomega raider, lyn fury or kickside. The only other yo yo i have ever owned was the fireball and I used it till it broke.

If I buy one of these yo yos which lube should I purchase? Thick or thin? Which string type would be best, I found many people recommending the 100% poly string.

If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them. My budget would be around 15$ for the yoyo and around 25$ for everything.

Assuming that you’re trying to learn 1a responsive play, the lyn fury or kickside would be the better options because their butterfly shapes make it easier to land tricks than the bumblebee and raider. You should buy thick lube and as for string, polyester is fine, but I recommend you buy a lot. When got my first yo-yo, I bought a 50 pack of poly and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I went through them really fast because of all the impossible knots I made when I missed a trick.

The Lyn Fury and the Kickside both have a fairly wide gap between the halves, so if you want the yoyo to come back with a tug, you will need thick lube. If you’re interested in getting into non-responsive play, where you can do long spinning tricks and the yoyo doesn’t come back with a tug, then you will want thin lube. In that case you will need to bring back the yoyo with a bind (Google how to bind a yoyo). Although it’s a little bit of a challenge at first, most people on this forum play un-responsive.

Thanks for the replies. Which yo yo would you guys recommend if I am going to choose between kickside or lyn fury?

Probably the lyn fury. I’ve always felt it was a bit better. Just my opinion, of course.

The duncan flip side is available for $20 here on the ship and comes with both responsive and konkave bearings. This would give you room to grow and learn 2 different styles (you could loop or do unresponsive 1a play. Never thrown one, but kinda wish it had been one of the first I picked up. And with a $5 pack of string, you’d be right at your $25 budget.

I’d agree.

I’ve personally never used either, but I’ve heard good things about the fury, idrk though

i own a flipside and i think its amazing. It can handle almost any trick. The onestar if also a good decision.