What is the best yo-yo for me?

Which kind of yo-yo is best for me, I am thinking about YYJ legacy, does it do a long sleeper, and when it touches the string, does it stop really quickly? And is YYJ legacy responsive, could i just put the sting with my finger and it goes back up or do i need to put the yo-yo on another sting and pull it back up? Or there is other yo-yo that is around 20$ that is good

the legacy is great and it sleeps for as long as you can make it sleep for and when it touches the side it does not slow it down alot just a little.The legacy is unresponsive and will need a bind to be returned to the hand so yo ucan either practice binding or gvet some thick lube.I recommend a kickside, lyn fury, or a velocity which can be unresponsive or responsive

does thick lube makes the yo-yo really responsive, also does kickside responsive when it comes out of the box?

yea thick lube makes it unresponsive enough to pull back to your hand.
kickside can come responsive or unresponsive but if it come unresponsive you can tighten the yoyo because it has an adjstable gap to make it unresponsive or responsive

I think I will be getting a kickside, so I don’t need to buy any lube because I could adjust the gap?
And responsive = no binding needed and unresponsive = binding needed or the other way?


Do I need to buy thick lube for kickside? and which kind of strings should i get? Slick or polyester? What are the difference between them

thick lbe is good if you want to make it really unresponsive and the difference between poly and slick is the slick is made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and polyester is made out of 100% polyester.get wich ever string you want if you want to try out both get a pack of slick and a pack of polyester