what should i get


please vote

                                 -Julian :)


come on only 1 vote you can do better than that


You should get a preference. ! ;D choose what you like.


bassalope is the only one i have played and i found a protostar plays better then it


where are you going to get a galactic goose? ive been looking for one for quite a while now.


Superstar seems really good.


I guess it’s kinda hard for us to pick a yoyo for you.
People here would pick according to their preference, and it might be different than yours.

As i am pick the superstar because that is my preference.


my preferences are medium sized medium weight long spinning unresponsive large gap and comfortable shape

                  -Julian :)


From what im getting from your preferences you would probably like the Bassalope


there are alot on the BST on yoyonation


im not getting one by BST im getting a new one


the gg are at spinworkx.com