Want some opinions.

So my birthday is coming up and my mother is going to buy me a yoyo of my choice under 150.Im lookings for your opinions.Im not asking what yoyo is best,but what yoyo you cant get enough of and what yoyos you guys love.Now im not buying ANYTHING off of someone but off either here or another site.So please any help would be good.

Mayhem, Punchline, Griffin Wing

Starlite is real nice.

Juvinile Offender. It fits a wide variety of Playstyles.

Superstar. Totally awesome and just perfect IMO. :wink:

Bassalope… the feel in the hand is just incredible, and its really smooth and fast playing

Yeah, same with the Bassalope. Their also very durable, and can handle anything you throw at it. ;D