What should I get?

I’m lost in what to get. I’ve been looking around and I know my stuff, but I just have no idea what to buy. I’m intermediate to advanced, and I like around a 50mm diameter. What metals would you recommend? Money isn’t really a problem but I would like to keep price in mind

If your money is tight something you might wanna try is my personal favorite the Legacy. It’s an amazing intermediate to advanced yo-yo. But if you got money to blow try some very expensive metals some are completely worth the money. It really would depend on what you like as far as response system, weight, and gap size. But if you haven’t already tried go to a different a try 5a or looping many people now are trying 4a. So look into it.

I do 4a and 5a but what I mainly throw is 1a. I’m looking for a metal, silicon response or silicon ready, 4+ wide gap, not very heavy but not really light. I’m looking for a high end unresponsive metal, undersized. I’m debating between the dv888, 888x and 44.

What I think about yoyos is that the most expensive is the best so if you want high quality go with the most expensive.

the hspin beysick is $60 and is intermedite to advanced.it is also the first of spins core series.

Dude I just got a 44 and it is SICK! I love the purple and blue color, reminds me of my kentaro superstar. I am like you, I kind of like things in the middle: undersized, but not too small, definitely not too big, not too heavy, not too light-- the 44 completely fits all of this. Its got a nice comfortable feel (shape wise), i have always been a fan of the more classic “rounded” profiles. I love my addiciton, but its just a littttttle too big. I was kind of hoping the 44 wouldn’t be as small as the boss or 888, which its diamter is only a half a mil bigger, but it feels right. I would say totally go for the 44. You won’t regret it.

I think I’m going to go with a skyline or an 888 because those sound just right for me. Probably a skyline. But possibly a 44. Thanks for the advice!