Picking Up My First All Metal Yo-Yo

Hi folks !
I wondered for a while now what should I get for my upcoming birthday
until I finally decided that since I haven’t really tried nor owned
an all metal yo-yo it would be a great chance to get my hands on one and
add new yo-yo to my growing collection .

Here is some info for you guys so you could help my decide :

  1. What size do you prefer?
    I like normal-sized to over-sized mainly, but i guess undersized won’t be a problem unless it’s really tiny.
  2. What shape do you prefer?
    H-shape , flat rims or butterfly - doesn’t really matter.
  3. What response do you prefer?
    Whatever works , only tried Hybrid and O-rings so far but I heard good things about pads and silicone.
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?
    Not Really , I’m afraid I’ll mess something up.
  5. What weight is ideal to you?
    64-70 grams would be alright , just want a yoyo with solid weight and feel .
  6. Does color matter?
    Not at all (Unless it’s purple . pink or yellow ) .
  7. How does your style relate to the yoyo?
    I like to do fast and smooth string tricks , throw in some whips and lacerations and occasionally some grinds .
  8. What is your price range?
    Up to 140$ since it’s my birthday :).
  9. What is your skill level?
    Starting expert section now .

At the moment I was mainly considering these :
YYF 888 / CLYW Peak / OneDrop M1 or Project 2 or HSpin Cut.
But I really am open to new ideas .

Thanks in Advance !

This is my First Post :slight_smile:

i think the peak , dv888 , r a progect 2 would be good for u


The 888 is undersized, so it is nowhere near big. I would say the Dark Magic, or Hitman. The M1 is undersized too.

How about any BBYY yo-yos? I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and that they have a very solid feel. I think the Bully is undersized but they are coming out with some new ones that are regular sized I’m pretty sure. Hope this helped!


Out of the yoyos you named, only the Cut and Peak fit your preferences.

They are two great yoyos and I’m sure you’d enjoy them :wink:

Mongoriller, you’re partly right. BBYY is a great company, but the Bully is medium-sized. The Wedgie is undersized.

On that note, a BBYY Bully would be a great choice for you too.

Thank you guys for your comments . :smiley:
I’ll check out the Bully series .

By the way , I just wanted to point out that I’m looking for an All Metal yo - yo
so Dark Magic nor Hitman won’t do (plus I already own a Dark Magic ) .
In addition , I would like to mention that I don’t mind trying out an undersized yo-yo, I’m very open-minded
about stuff like this and I’m sure I’ll be able to adapt to the size .

Thanks again

I think the peak would be a great choice for you. It fits all of your preferences and it is my favorite yo-yo.

Sorry, I thought it was undersized, and I believe that they are still coming out with more in the very near future.

Base on your comments I’m starting to lean towards the Peak .
( It’s a shame that i can’t find one store that has them in stock )
Could someone please do a little comparison between the Peak , Project 2 and the 888 (not size-wise ) ?

Keep the comments coming your opinions are helping me a lot.

thanks again

www.clywshop.com has 2 types of Peak in stock. The Gold Nugget Peak and the Grizzly Bear Clocktown Peak. Neither of these are fools gold but there is only 1 left of each of them! Get it soon if you’re going to get it!

EDIT: I think there are a lot of fools gold Gold Nugget Peaks!

Actually, you are wrong about the Clowntown peak. And the shop is actually. http://www.clywstore.com/

There aren’t that many oversized metals out there…

I’d say the bully, superstar, DV888, fools gold gold nugget peak, or maybe a delrin if you could find one.

The Dv888 is smaller than the 888.

Your standards were screaming “peak” at me the whole way. And you’re considering it. I strongly suggest the Peak.

All the Peaks Are Sold Out :’(.
I Really Don’t want to order a fool’s gold edition .
What Should I do ?

And once again I’ll say that I don’t mind trying a undersized metal yo yo .


Undersized are great! You should try an 888 or dv888!

Try every site you can. YoYoNation, YoYoGuy, try everywhere.

Go for the Big Brother Yo-Yos brand. If not, try HSpin - The Cut, Pyro, Good & Evil.

Just Ordered the last Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks Peak yo-yo - Alex Bearing-Gull Edition from YoYoNation.com .

Thank you all fro helping me out ,
can’t wait till it arrives ! :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll like it very much!