what should i get


please help me find which to get. 8)

(JG) #2

its all about preference. all those yoyos are good

(M²) #3

a life… jk… out of those i’d get the new breed


New breed for stringtricks and hayabusa for offstring.

(LookAYoYo) #5

dude, these are meant for 2 different syles of yoyoing, though they can be used for either. and again, it is all about preferences


The New Breed but if you can’t afford it get a Legacy, its amazing. I know someone is gonna disagree but you can’t compared a Duncan plastic to and metal yo-yo

(M²) #7

I hate it when people ask which yoyo to get, or which yoyo is the best, and then don’t leave any preferances, and pick yoyo’s that are completely differant…

(screamo) #8

Easy there. These people will eventually understand this things. I’ve gone thru that before but now I understand that. That’s why there’s a community to help 'em.

IMO all of those are great.

(M²) #9

I didn’t say i hate the people who post the thread. I said i hate it when it happens. True, most of us go through this, but it is still annoying… Maybe there should be a sticky topic about asking about which yoyo to get…


Don’t beat’em up about it I think he means what is the best yo-yo that you have, but this guy put absolutely no preference which makes this post a waste of time for everybody.