what should i do?

hey guys, ive had similar situations happen like this but i dont know how to solve this one.

i traded a b grade dna and 888 for my code 1. I dont like chemstripped code 1’s and i wanted a dna real bad. So, i did the trade and the throws were good. Come a week into playing with it, i found out that the axle had wedged itself into one half and thats how i recieved it but didnt want to say anything cause i thought it was all good. Well, a couple days into play the axle snapped in half and got caught in both halves. So both halves have a piece of axle in them. Now, i dont want to go after the kid and destroy his reputation. i feel like the yoyo had this problem when he had it and it wouldve broken on him, but when he traded me for it, it broke in my property so therefore its my duty to deal with it. Like, it had a weird grind vibe that he didnt mention and i thought i could get over it and forget it, but when the axle snapped, that was it. The kid had no feedback when we traded. I was his very first trade. I dont know how to deal with this seeing as how i feel like i got screwed over.

Ive been trying to calm down these last couple days and figure out a way to deal with this. I could get at him in a furious way or i could do it this way. I like this way cause then i can hear the nations…well were the Experts, advice on how to do this. If i did it the most irrational way then it could backfire and i could have a lot of problems.

What can i do? I shouldve realized that the yoyo wasnt up to description and i didnt want to mention anything because of this being his first time. I may have put his feedback as everything being described right, but now im really starting to wonder if that was real honesty from me.

If not, then does anyone want a bgrade dna with an axle stuck in both sides (modding purposes or whatever) with a vibe on grinds? Just offer and let me know if thats you. Im really angry about this, but if i can get you guys to back me up then i wont feel bad about talking to the kid. I wont list his forum name until this is all configured.

First off, confront the kid, first trade or not, this is unacceptable. Being a kid, I can probably relate with how he was thinking. He probably knew the axle was near broken and wanted to trade it off so the DNA would no longer be his issue and so he could get a better yoyo. If he refuses to correct the problem, then leave negative feedback. If you feel the yoyo is worth getting fixed, the DNA can probably be repaired by someone like Icthus or Landon Balk.

Sorry but it’s in your possession now and it broke in your hands. IMO its kind of your problem now. All you need is a new axle. Are you able to get the axle out the DNA? That’s like saying I got a yoyo with a vibe and I broke it and it’s the Other persons fault. You can’t really blame someone else for you breaking it