What should I do?


Alright so I’m going out with this girl and she is spending more time with my fiend then she does with me, everyone says she likes me a lot but I don’t know what to believe anymore, I’m not mad at my friend, I’m just sad that I might be losing her, does anyone have any advice for me?


3 options:

  1. Relax…
    2)spend some time chatting up her friends and see how she like it…
    3)or dump her…If a woman is making you miserable no reason to keep her around…plenty of fish in the sea…


Kay… here’s some advice. You are 16. Women change. She will not be the same person in a few years, so if you’re worried now… well, wait till she’s of drinking age and at the bar every other night. I’m assuming she’s the same age… so I’m just gonna say that at your age, you don’t need a girlfriend yet, discover yourself, be friends with who YOU are becoming. Don’t let society make you think you need someone. Realize how long of a life you potentially have ahead of you, and then you’ll realize how much time you have to find someone who truly “completes” you.

Honestly take my advice. by reacting to her like this, you are only wasting time. Relax. Enjoy life.