Hey guys, its been awhile since I have posted anything. I have been actively reading though.
Semestral break just happened and a week into school after that break, i have no motivation to study whatsoever. I no longer find fun in it, but i’m not mad or sad about it either. I feel nothing (??). This feeling isn’t new to me but it really makes me think that i need more time for myself, doing things that i actually want to do. It’s almost as if everything is pointless, my existence, school, even yoyoing, etc. How do i regain my ability to feel emotions? How do i get the motivation to do anything? I would very much appreciate if you guys could share your experiences and how you got over it.


Do you have friends you can hang out with? Or maybe some family members?

It can be hard to want to hang out with people sometimes for me. If I’m depressed, company is just about the last thing I want.
However, I find that when I do get out and meet up with some of my friends…it can really boost my mood. I get stuck in my head a lot and that’s not good for me after too long. Hanging out and laughing and having good meaningful conversations really gets me out of my own head a little. It feels so good to be around others who just ‘get’ you. People you don’t have to worry about disliking you for any reason…that can make you smile and feel good.

I think doing what you did here is really good too. Talking about what’s going on. I’m a big supporter in venting and getting things out like this.


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I have felt like this many times in my life. There’s no easy answers, but everything that’s been said already is good… but not exactly following the rules lol! Get out, do something different, or anything you still find fun.

If you don’t have friends close by, do you have people you could play video games with as a group with group voice chat? I don’t socialize a lot, and doing that actually got me out of a serious long funk once. Not with random people, but real friends. It was fun and gave us all a chance to talk and catch up.


i do, yet i feel like they don’t really understand or are just straight up not interested. I honestly enjoy hanging out with my friends in the yoyo community, more than my school friends. I rarely attend clubmeets though, because my parents always have stuff to do and can’t drive me to the area in which we have our clubmeets.
I am also introverted and i avoid real life socializing alot- i rarely ever enjoy socializing, im pretty bad at it lol. I will try to socialize with my school friends more i guess. Im desperate to leave this phase.


Burnout is a real thing, man. The other advice is good, and stuff I’ve found effective as well. For more pronounced burnout, I have a few different tools I use to manage it, but these are just things that work for me and your mileage may vary. If I’m feeling up for it, I’ll do something that “refills the tank”. Take a walk, play a video game, read a book, ride a bike, and of course, play with a yoyo. If I’m not feeling up for that, I look for a more passive reward; new throw, nice cup of coffee, a roll of SweetTarts. If I’m not up for even that level, I go to a mode I call, “Just do the next right thing”, which is exactly what it sounds like. I don’t think past the next thing I need to do. “Get feet on floor.” “Get into shower”, etc. I find that if I can keep just doing the next thing I’m supposed to do, eventually (and it can take a while) I get to a place where I actually want to do stuff again and I start to feel less empty. Part of the trick is avoiding getting totally burned out in the first place, but that’s not easy, and not something to worry about when you’re already running on empty.


Well said. Depression is a serious thing.


I agree

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Also, force yourself to get out in nature and go for a hike or something—I prefer a leisurely hike with a lot of stuff to look at to a 10 mile hike walking too fast to really take it all in. I’ve done that when I just didn’t want to do anything, including the hike, and I always felt better afterwards.

Any type of exercise can really help too. It might be the last thing you feel like doing, but sometimes it’s what your body needs most.

There’s lots of great ideas here. Good luck. I hope things get better for you.


Best advice is to seek professional help. No easy fix when you feel this way.