What should i choose?

Im struggling between nine dragons ( a gimmik yoyo for me), horizon and shutter, or edge.

Does nine dragons play well? There is a similar yoyo in korea called the photon and it sucks. Im kinda worried about this one… then again it is a yoyofactory product, but still kinda worried…
Horizon and shutter are proven to be good. Im trying to get into horizontal tricks but all my good yoyos kjnda broke down… and shutter is a yoyo made for gentry stein XD my fav player.
Edge seems nice. I have a thing for bi metals and it looks really cool…

Edit: just saw the yyf vid explaining the nine dragons. Horizontal tricks may have become open to me XD.

Any suggestions? Plz dont suggest 500 dollar yoyos…

Get the Shutter since Gentry is your favourite player :slight_smile:

Plus it’s an all-rounder yoyo.

The shutter is always great.

Shutter or Edge. flip a coin.

This is what I do for a lot of things. You will instantly have a feeling if it’s what you want or not then. I.e. I got tales for the edge and I didn’t feel happy with it, I would know I wanted the shutter more.

I think the Horizon is more stable than the Shutter (haven’t thrown the Edge). So for horizontal (which I’m still learning) I’m thinking the Horizon. But they’re both solid yo’s so you can’t really go wrong.

I’ve had a shutter and a horizon and loved both. The horizon is the king of fingerspins but they are very easy with both. For an example, I’d rate the horizon a perfect 100 in the first fingerspin category, and the shutter a 99. So while the horizon is the best, there’s not really a difference. They are both amazing beginner-ish/budget-ish throws but the shutter sets the standard for that price range. The horizon is a solid throw but its kinda big and kinda heavy. The shutter is the best bang for your buck throw IMO. It does everything well and it can handle anything you throw at it. The Shutter was my first serious throw and with dif KK in it, its hard to beat.

The Horizon and the Shutter are both great, especially for the price. I recommend picking one of those and trying it, and then trying the other one when you get more money. They are not too expensive, so it shouldn’t take that long.