what should I buy?

Hey everyone, so I’m looking to buy something in the $120 and up range and I can’t decide what to get. The CLYW scout looks great but so does the iYoYo Firrox… and many more. I can’t decide so I thought I would ask you guys. Thanks

Save some cash and buy my nightmare or gnarwahal2 for cheaper and love it! It’s a sweet player.

Compass>Scout ,also the manatee.CLYW’s are worth it,tho,the compass is just an upgraded scout :smiley:

Have you played the compass? what is your favorite colorway? (of the ones in stock ;))

Stuff on my bst :wink: just a heads up, going to be adding a bunch of new throws here soon :wink:

I would highly recommend the space cadet! Great yoyo! I have had an idea of what my dream yoyo would be for the last 3 months or so. After buying it, I realized it hits everything!