What pranks do y’all like to play!?

@moby323 this is impressive!!

Every time I get a new staff member at my restaurant, and after they have been there for a couple weeks. I will ask them if they know what a squeegee sharpener is. ( no such thing) if they don’t know that, I will ask them to go ask one of the veteran staff members to get them the squeegee sharpener. If the veteran member can keep a straight face they will send them to the restaurant next door because “they lent it to one of them earlier”. Everyone ends up having a good laugh on their behalf for Going on a wild goose chase. more often than not makes for a pretty fun evening and is sort of a right of passage here as well!

Who else has some good pranks/ jokes!?


That’s a good one. Used to do the snipe hunt deal with the boy scouts. When I worked at the Boeing 747 plant we used to send the new engineers out to the factory floor to ask the shop foreman for blue flight line. He’d send them back with a 12 in. strip of 3/4 in. magnet tape.

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I like to pat my pockets and then ask my wife “Do you have the keys?” as we walk to the car. Gets her every time.


Hahah I do that on accident far too often tbh lol


It works because one time I actually didn’t have the keys, they were sitting on the table of the restaurant lol

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Hmmm. I’m not a very good prankster. I just say things that make people uneasy with what they’re doing. Like when we’re doing yard work and I go up to my mom while she’s pulling weeds and tell her “Hey it’s looking good over here! Find any snakes yet?” Or my sister would ask where my parents were and I’d tell her “Probably outside of your render distance.”

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sorry guys.
but after being on the receiveing end of “pranks” and to my shame giving out “pranks” who does this culture benefit ?
I can remember being chased around a factory by 3 guys with a tub of grease, when i was a new 17 yr old “big fun” for who ? If i had punched the guy with the tin, would i have been the “can’t take a joke guy” ?

sorry it just hits a nerve, there’s a fine line between good humour and bullying.


I agree that there is a line. I think the physical/mess making pranks cross said line. I’ve been on the receiving end of goose chases in the past, and other than a little embarrassment I was fine at the end of the day. I also always try to involve the most recent recipients when pranking the new people.

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the classic ‘your shoe’s bleeding’ trick

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Or hey you dropped your pocket!!

On the morning of July 4th, I tried to convince my oldest that he slept an entire day, and that it was actually the 5th; and by extension, he missed the big firework show.

Had him going for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t keep it going after he started to look genuinely upset.

Sometimes I just can’t help myself