April Fools!!

Hey everyone, I thought that maybe you could share what you are doing to prank someone you know for this wonderful day known as April Fools Day. For, me it involves a lot of pranking my older sister, and my parents. Then later, we’re going to a Wrestlemania party, and I’ll probably do some there. So, what are YOU doing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to the nearest Jehovas Witness gathering and just shout “Happy April Fools day!!”

If you dont understand; JWs don’t celebrate anything at all.

I might have toilet papered my neighbors house (classic), but my dad would have killed me… He doesn’t get pranks lol.

Superglue quarters to the side walk. Watch from my room…

For me, April Fools Day is usually just between my Mom and me. My dad and sister don’t usually get into it much. It’s never anything harmful or mean, just silly fun.

Today she put like worms and spiders on the bathroom floor. We have a water dispenser sort of thing in the fridge, and she put yellow food coloring in the water to make it look like pee. And she rearranged the plates in the cupboard.

I got a bunch of halloween stuff a couple weeks ago, and it included these little fake rats, and my mom left dog food out, so I cut a small hole in the bottom and had one of the rats heads in the hole, and like 3 other rats behind him. I did the same thing with a slice of bread (ripped it up to make it look like the rats were eating it.)
And I put some skeletons in her closet (pun intended…lol). And I put this creepy mask dude in her bed.

It was silly and fun.


I’m going to yoyo.

I changed my dads work email signature to say IM ADDICTED TO ZUMBA!!! I did the same thing to my uncle