April Fools pranks?

What jokes have you guys pulled? So far, I got my Dad by putting tape over his sink faucet so it shot water at him when he turned it on. After that, I put Kool-Aid powder it the shower head so he got a very tasty shower, spraying pure Kool-Aid when he turned the water on himself. It’s been a pretty fun day :smiley:

Wats @ @pr!l???

Well this morning i hid a alarm clock (one with big bells on it) in the moms room and set it to go off at 3:30 in the morning. It woke me up to put soo worth it lol.

i may put plastic wrap to cover the toilet at the local mcdonalds! SHHH…

This is great! Plus i despise mcdonalds, muwahahaha

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I told the people I went bowling with that it was Thanksgiving.

You should’ve seen their shocked faces when I came clean.

For us we ran out out of the house with rainbow wigs and started dancing in front of our parents. On another hand our mom pranked us by saying out school district is cutting 2 days of our spring break off due to hurricane sandy. Then everybody believed it.

I spent most of April 1st asleep and on a train. Didn’t encounter anything.

Bowling a Turkey?

I didn’t get to do much, but i really wanted to put salt in my hair and itch my head really hard next to people. :frowning: there’s always next year…

You can prank people any day, not just April first. It would be better to pull pranks on a day other then April first because people wouldn’t be expecting it.

Man, i wanted to post this thread! nothing much.