Happy thanksgiving!


Happy thanksgiving!


YAAAAY!! Have fun everyone!



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It’s not thanksgiving for me yet!


Happy thanksgiving!


A few hours and it will be sun up and the prep will begin for my family, but technically it is Thanksgiving day for me.


Fooooooood! I’ve been prepping my stomach all week!


I have to eat a lot of food today, then I have to drop a few pounds for wrestling on Saturday. Fun.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Birds in the oven and I’ve got on my sweat pants in preparation! Hope everyones able to spend some time with their families.


Happy thanksgiving, and that goes to all the troops, as well…Navythrow reminded me to say that, and so did my dad (Ex military and other weird Military TS shenanigans…). EVERBODY, have a great Thanksgivings, and remember to thanks those who fought for your safety.


Thank you YoYoFactory for making mystery boxes for thanksgiving!!! Lol


Thanksgiving was last month :wink:


Take off, eh. That was fake thanksgiving! :wink:
(j/k That’s how I tease my friends from Canadia when they travel home for the holiday.)


Merry Easterday guys, wearing green today. I wonder when the trick or treaters are stopping by. Oh well, at
Least I get to see the glass crystal ball thing in NY drop and blow out the candles and make a wish.

  • stolen from jayyo off facebook

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I am stuffed (full of stuffing) Now time to prepare for the mystery box drop!