What Metal Throw Should I Buy?

So I’ve been yoyoing for about 7 months now and the nicest yo-yos I own are the MagicYoyo N12 Shark Honor and the One Drop Cabal. I LOVE how they both play, but I’m also wanting to try a new throw. I’m looking to get a new throw, probably between $40 and $60. I’ve been looking at the Axis Mixtape and those new Matte finish Shutters from YoyoFactory. I’m wondering mostly about people’s opinions of the Mixtape and whether it matches up to the Shutter since it’s only a like $6 difference. Oh, and the One Drop Prescription looks amazing too, even if it is a little out of my price range. Please leave any thoughts on these three throws and any suggestions are appreciated too! Thanks!

I personally didn’t like the Shutter I had; it just felt a little to heavy and clunky on the string. The other Yoyofactory budget metals I’ve tried have been great though (I’m particularly a fan of the Horizon).

My all-time favorite is the yyf cyborg 2.0 at $65, but i prefer kinda heavy throws, so…

I’m not a big yyf fan. Although the dogma plays nice. Go check out one drops website. They have some nice deals in your price range.

Thanks guys! I’m looking into what you all said and appreciate the feedback!