What metal (Semi) Responsive....


Somewhat new to throwing (been many years) and just got back to doing a little throwing. My wife on a WalMart trip picked up a Butterfly XT and came home with it saying she was going to learn, well that hasn’t really lasted…lol. Anyways I remembered that I sorta knew how and picked it up and have been going at it none stop for the last week. Right now I basically am just learning the basic tricks all over again and already wanting to move to a better throw that I can grow into. After some looking around there is just something about these new metals that really intrigue me. So what I’m looking to hopefully buy is something metal and responsive to semi-responsive but not fully unresponsive yet. Preferably something maybe toward the bigger and heavier side. Not for sure on a shape really, but was thinking maybe the “butterfly” or “H” shape. Not for sure really if those are actual proper names for shapes, but I’m sure you get the idea. Of course the budget part I don’t really want to spend much, something around $40 or less. Things have changed so much since early to mid 90s that I’m lost when I’m looking around and reading up on things. I wouldn’t have guessed that yoyo’s would have changed so much over the years. Looks like there have been more changes in the last 10 years than the previous 40…lol. Thanks in advance for your replies and recommendations!


The one responsive metal I can think of in your price range that’s in stock

Yomega also makes one but we currently don’t have any other than the unresponsive version. If I remember right toys r us might carry some though.


The DV888 is one of the ones I have been looking at. I believe that Duncan may also make one or two responsive metals also. Another I have seen that I have tried to find some reviews on is the YoYo King Spin Control…not much out there though in the way of first hand experience. Maybe if I up my budget a little or even look at some Bi-Metals I can open up a few more choices…