I want your responsive metal

I am currently looking for a responsive metal yoyo, and I don’t mean “It’s responsive sometimes” I want a regen ready yoyo. Willing to trade or buy.
Thank you.


Flying V is a great choice, just so you know. I had a chance to play my friend’s and it is phenomenal.

I know it is.

But the only problem is, to expensive, and sold out everywhere. But thanks though

what about metal zero

Thick lube is cheap

My Yomega Maverick is dead unresponsive, but stock Mavericks are as responsive as Duncan dragonflys. :wink:

Get a 401K, crank up the starburst and put some 3 in 1 oil in the bearing

Guys, thank you for your suggestions.
But I’ll have you notice, this is in the BST portion of the foryums and not the recommendations.

And Mitch, thank you for letting me know, but I just don’t like the response that I get out of thick lube, it feels lacking to me.

I play my personal Agape responsive. nI can set you up one just like mine. It’s a nice change from totally unresponsive.

Check out the speed dial. It can be quite responsive actually with a turn of the dials.