I need to buy a new YO.............hook me up!


So here is the deal guys…I just joined the forum. I am new to the sport. I have a dark magic II and a yomega maverick. I am really enjoying learning a ton of tricks, but here is my problem. I would like to stay with a semi responsive bearing so that I can still have it return without the bind. My dark magic is WAY too touchy…AND the bearing slows way down when I am doing string tricks. The maverick on the other hand is great for sting tricks and return but is just too small…is there a yo that has these…
(1) is still somewhat responsive
(2) spins super long in string tricks (like my maverick
(3) is about the same size as the dark magic II

I know someone out here is laughing at me because I know nothing about these yos yet, but I am not about to spend 100s just to find one I like. ( i will spend though on a good one)

Please let me know if you have agood one in mind that fits the bill for sale…
I would prefer that you just email me at jerrickalsteen@hotmail.com THANKS


I’ve never actually tried this yoyo but you should check out the Duncan Metal Drifter. If there’s a Toys R Us near you they probably have it.

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