So I am planning to purchase the maverick by yomega. SO i have been looking at it and it seems great as a responsive metal yoyo. currently I own the metal drifter and I use that as well as other throws for unresponsive play so as a responsive yoyo is it still good for 1A? Any opinions on it?


Personally I’d just get a yoyojam classic if you wanted a responsive yoyo. It looks like a normaly throw with just a heavily lubed bearing but I haven’t thrown one in a long time. I can’t remember if it was the old dash or maverick but I could have sworn one of them wasn’t actually running a C size as well. As for cheap metals I’d pick up the magicyoyo N12 which is unresponsive.

Yoyofactory produces the responsive dv888 these days as well but I wouldn’t buy that either. The only good responsive metals is the flying v and walter and they’re both discontinued.


V and Walter are fun but both seem heavily dependent on lube for response. I wouldn’t say the Maverick isn’t good, but the response pads do wear down kinda quick and I’m not sure what size they are (never checked). I do like the Maverick’s shape though


anyone know what size the pads are?


The “new” two year old Maverick that fits a standard size C bearing uses standard 19mm slim pads. The old, original Maverick (solid black and solid silver only, no splash and/or no barbwire engraving) used some Yomega, rubber pad response that was not compatible or replaceable with anything else in the industry. Silicone also didn’t really work to correct these rubber things when they wore out. Trust me, I tried.

I’m a big Maverick fan, actually. It’s a nifty little throw.