Maverick vs. Metal Drifter

I was wondering if I should get a Maverick ($30) or a Metal Drifter($20.) Which one is less responsive? Which one sleeps longer? I want to advance more on string tricks, but my current yo’s don’t sleep as long as preferred. If I get either, it would be my first metal yo-yo.

i would go with the Macerick. It is just a better player IMO

Well if you clean the bearing and take off a sticker the metal drifter becomes less responsive and after play unresponsive

I was saying the maverick because I assumed it is the new one with C sized bearings. And I believe that it has an extra bearing that is unresponsive.

Question: How would you tell the difference between the old one and new one? What bearing size was the old maverick?

The previous Yomega bearing size was a custom size, only used in Yomegas and a few Auldeys. Either version of the Maverick plays better than the Drifter in my opinion. The newer one with the size C bearing is AMAZING though.

The Maverick is a great yoyo. With a clean bearing and some flowable silicone, it will out perform some really expensive throws out there.

Well, since most people are saying Maverick, I guess I’ll go with it.

Maverick cause it is beadblast and size c bearing

Actually I think the Maverick that I’m thinking about getting probably has the custom yomega bearing, because is doesn’t actually say C bearing.

All I did was clean out my bearing really good in my Metal Drifter(spacer version) and my son’s(non-spacer version) and they went full unresponsive. Left the stickers in place. I did Dry Play treat the bearings.

So, I know for a fact what I can do with the Metal Drifter very easily.

Like Studio, I have a dry bearing in my Metal Drifter. It plays just fine, fully unresposive, and actually is my main 5a throw. I like the shape a lot better than the Maverick: a lot more comfortable. The only thing the Maverick has on the Drifter is texture; the finish on the Drifter is very “budget” and doesn’t grind very well, or at least mine doesn’t.

Neither. Spend $20-30 on a magic yoyo N12 off Ebay. It plays as good as $100+ yoyos, but at a much cheaper price. The drifter and maverick are honestly not impressive, and play how you would expect a $20 to play.

But i will make the assumption that you are asking because you are looking to buy from toys r us, as these are the 2 most high end yoyos they sell. Out of the maverick and drifter, the maverick wins. The new maverick comes with a larger bearing, which makes it play much more like a high end yoyo then the odd sized bearing old maverick.You can easily clean the c bearing it comes with.

The drifter, on the other hand, is a decent yoyo. It doesnt play amazingly, but itll take you through most of the tricks on yoyoexpert. I will dare to say this, but the maverick is more forgiving and low maintenance, and again i dare to say, seems to generally sleep longer than the drifter.

I agree with supbreh about getting neither. I have both and I’d suggest waiting to get a better metal yoyo. With that money I think you should put it towards a higher end plastic throw.

Most people talk highly of the C3 yoyodesign alpha crash ($20) or the yoyojam trigger ($30). Or maybe the yoyofactory protostar ($35).

It seems the OP wants something metal.

That means the Magic T5, and N12 would be front-runners. Two other models I would mention aren’t available due to them being small run items unfortunately. God Tricks mades some great stuff at super low prices. Otherwise, jump up to the DiBase(either version) or Capless.

The Metal Drifter is fun and requires a little work. But, it does feel budget.

Yeah I went to Toys R Us and ended up getting both of them… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s fine. Then you can figure out which you like more in person!

I did not realize that they redesigned the Maverick until I saw one on the shelf the other day. It used to be the size of an FH2. The ones with the skulls are smaller in diameter than they used to be, almost undersized, and are actually much more comfortable.

I am liking the Maverick for responsive 1a. It seems to be more fun responsive. The metal drifter is still my favorite 5a throw, even though I have better yoyos. It just works better for me.

Both was a good choice.