Need ideas for new yoyo

 So I only just found out about the moebius trick section (with zammy) and I really want to try it out but I do have a big problem. The only unresponsive yoyo I have is a random yoyo with no proper brand (in fact it's more like semi-responsive) so I really need some help from you guys on which yoyos are good but cheap as well. My school will also have a talent show coming up in June 2013 and while I'm at it, I think I might as well prepare for it (really slowly in my own time.)

 The type of yoyo that I'm looking for is a metallic (or with plastic rings as well) large bearing 1a yoyo at the highest price of around 40 dollars. I also don't know if it is possible to get a full metal yoyo for under 40 dollars so if you guys could answer it, it would be great (but if there is one that isn't as good, I would rather not have it.) Thanks  ;D

I would check out the trigger (less than 30) and the Dm2 (43.78+s&h) both are plastic/metal.

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yoyojam is a great start for unresponsive pay at a reasonable pirce, check out the superwide too if u have trouble landing string trinks

I would get a magic desperado $10 or 20 on eBay no more then $20 new then go to one drop web site buy a one drop
bearing $8 put that in it u have a 1oo dollar yoyo for $30 an will spin for ever I have over2oo yo from $3to $300 and
mod yos my self I do this for kids who don’t have a $100 to send on yos they all love it.
By the way u can use any of the magic yoyo to do this just the n5 is my favorite. To use like I said I have $300 yos
and I use this combo as my Evey day yo hope this help and yo forever u will have a happy life
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Look around at yoyojam, stuff like the SFX and DMII are right in that range. Although its not metal, the Protostar/Northstar are great throws. The Duncan Raptor is good, but I suggest getting a different bearing because the one that comes with it isnt very good. Also the Dv888 is right in that range, and is good if you like smaller yo-yos.

trigger. Check it out, heard really good things about it.

^^^^^^^^^^^^SPEAKS THE TRUTH! TRIGGER IT IS!!! ^^^^^^^^