what looping yoyo should i get

hey guys

i am finding a looper,
what yoyo is the best?


ARGGHGHSHKUFKFB. There is no, repeat, NO, best yoyo…

Hes looking for a suggestion, man. :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont loop but i heard NXGs are good. Or Loop720s.

Please delete either this thread of the other one that is the same. Either way, this should probably be in the yoyo reviews section, or at least the general section.

One thing is that there is no best yoyo. There are good things and bad things in all yoyos and so there is no certain one that stands out. Also, preference. Some people like some yoyos and some don’t like those same ones.

Anyways, I don’t loop a ton but I use Brains and they work just fine. I’ve heard promissing things about the Sunset Trajectory NXG’s as well as the Loop 720’s, but the 720’s require much more work to maintain.

it was his first post cut him some slack

I know. If that sounded angry in the first part I wasn’t trying to be. Just trying to let you know so you can get a good start on the forums. :smiley:

Can you please stop making repeat posts?

You’ve made like 6 already between the regular ones, now looping ones. We answered your other looping one.

Please, don’t make repeat posts.

He is already informed on this matter. No need to make a post saying exactly the same as this post: